European Mobility Startup Manifesto


A Manifesto for sustainable mobility entrepreneurship to bring forward innovation in the EU

Hey you mobility entrepreneurs out there,

This summer between July and September, we would like to co-create the first European Mobility Startup Manifesto together with you!

In a nutshell, this Manifesto is a platform that brings together mobility entrepreneurs and leading European Institutions for the very first time. The final aim is to help EU policy makers create an ecosystem that boosts green innovation.

If you are as committed as we are to be the fuel for the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility, then this could be the starting point of our journey together.

This is why we are reaching out to you today. 
Got a few minutes? Then ride along with us and take part in this survey.

We are interested in hearing about your challenges as a mobility entrepreneur but most importantly, about your ideas for a flourishing mobility ecosystem in Europe – after all, who better than the entrepreneurs themselves can create impactful solutions out of complex challenges?

Yes, we know that COVID-19 has given this first half of 2020 quite a rough start, still it has posed an opportunity for a fresh reset at a global scale. Want to hear the good news? Sustainable innovation and new technologies are the pulling forces of this new beginning!

So, who is behind this project and how are we making the magic happen?

We are the European Startup Prize for mobility and together with the help of the brilliant minds of The Morph Company (Berlin) and Yellow Design Foundation (Brussels), we are using Design Thinking Methodology to tackle challenges with a human-centric approach.

We are serious about our goal and we know that for a serious project, we need serious methodology.

This is how our action plan looks in practice:

1. First, we invite all the mobility entrepreneurs to take part in this survey.

2. Secondly, we would carry out as many interviews as possible. We want to get to know you, your challenges and what entrepreneurial solutions you have in mind to boost mobility innovation in Europe.

3. Last but not least, we are all about brainstorming solutions together, so what better way to do this than to run co-creation workshops? If you are interested in taking part in this then let us know in the survey – we will get in touch with you!

If you’re still wondering how we will bring the Manifesto to the European Union, this is how:

For those who know us already, it is no secret that our strength lies right in the fact that we are an European organization at heart.

For those who haven’t gotten to know us yet, then let us briefly introduce ourselves.

Nice to e-meet you! 
We are the European Startup Prize for mobility and as a public-private initiative, we live under the patronage of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Our organization is co-founded by the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee Chairwoman, Karima Delli, Boston Consulting Group and Via ID.
Our network is pretty powerful and we can’t wait to make it of value for all the sustainable mobility startups like you!

So, save the date! 
The European Mobility Startup Manifesto will be presented to European leaders on two specific occasions:

1. A live broadcast on September 21st at the European Commission, on the occasion of the European Mobility Week.

During this event, we will be presenting the Manifesto to Karima Delli – Chairwoman of the European Transport and Tourism Committee – and Maroš Šefčovič – Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union. The live event will be open to the public and will provide the audience with a room for an interactive participation. And there is more to this – the TOP 10 startups of the EUSP 2020 Edition,  will be invited to represent the Manifesto during this event! 

2. A presentation at the European Parliament in Fall 2020.

To sum up, this is how you can get involved in the Manifesto:

1. Take part in our survey and raise your voice by letting us know your challenges, as well as solutions on how you envision the future of smart mobility in Europe;

2. Give the Manifesto team an interview and be part of a 2-hours co-creation workshop to co-create solution ideas;

3. And, very importantly, don’t forget to share the link of the survey with other mobility startups in your network!

We are striving for impact and we are happy to have you on board to present solutions that matter to the mobility startup community in Europe.

Together, we can help EU policy makers to boost green innovation in Europe!

The Manifesto is part of the Think Tank activity of the European Startup Prize for mobility and it will be presented and discussed in the European Parliament and European Commission in Brussels, in September 2020.


Meet the EUSP2020 top 10 startups

PRESS RELEASE, 7 July 2020:

Karima Delli, Chairwoman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism at the European Parliament, Boston Consulting Group and ViaId are thrilled to announce the European Startup Prize for mobility’s TOP 10 for its 2020 edition.

550 European startups applied this year for the European Startup Prize’s Day After Programme and entrusted us despite the Covid-19 crisis. Following applications, they were screened by 50 independent evaluators during a 3 months’ tough and rigorous selection process.

“We have identified the 10 best European startups for sustainable mobility. I believe they have the potential to clean our air, fight climate change and help us shift to a mobility system where private cars and fossil fuels are less prominent.”, declares Karima Delli, Green Member of the European Parliament and Chairwoman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism.

TOP 10
*In alphabetical order


AddVolt – developed a Plug-in Electric system that electrifies the refrigeration unit allowing cleaner, quieter and cost-effective deliveries.




Autofleet – The first ever Vehicle as a Service platform for fleets, enabling large global fleets to optimize existing operations and dynamically leverage unused vehicles to launch new services.




Chargery – Chargery is a full-service-provider for the future of mobility. With the combination of intelligent software and a broad variety of services we enable highly efficient operations for shared mobility.




Fairtiq – The simplest way to everyday mobility for everyone, everywhere. That’s the idea behind FAIRTIQ, the easiest way to buy a ticket for public transport with the best and fair price every time.




Humanising Autonomy – Real-time vulnerable road user behaviour analysis and intent prediction software for accident and near-miss prevention in urban environments.

United Kingdom



MOTIONTAG – MOTIONTAG makes mobility intelligent by describing and understanding real-world mobility through data-driven services.




Pony – Pony is a french micromobility operator providing shared bikes & escooters. Our business model allows anyone to purchase a vehicle and share it with other people.




Skipr – Skipr’s unique integrated solution (a MaaS application, a payment card and a dashboard) provides companies with smart mobility tailored to their needs and policies




UFT – We provide software for demand responsive transport to some of Europe’s largest public transport authorities and private fleet operators.




Unifly NV – Unifly’s platform integrates drones into the airspace safely, connecting authorities with drone pilots to approve and manage drone flights. We also made an electronic license plate for drones.





Special distinctions

In addition to the top 10, our partners; Europcar mobility group, RATP group and GRDF have chosen to award a special distinction to three startups:

  • Europcar awarded its special distinction to Humanising Autonomy (see above).
  • RATP awarded its special distinction to Dott.

Dott – Dott is an European micromobility operator, designed for responsibility and sustainability. Our mission is to open-up cities with clean mobility for everyone. Starting with e-scooters and e-bikes.




  • GRDF awarded its special distinction to Hygen SIA.

HYGEN SIA – HYGEN’s superchargers can fuel Gas Powered Vehicles anywhere in just few minutes. Connected to regular gas grid our systems transform existing grid into a global distributed bio-CNG fueling network.






The Prize

“This year more than the others, we had to bring the appropriate response to these brilliant startups, who are not only counting on us to help them scale up to the European level but, above all, to rebound after the socio-economic crisis and find all the possible ways to investment.“, says Jean-François Dhinaux, Head of Development & Strategy @ViaId.

  • TOP10 will be invited to the EUSP Demo Day (virtual event in front of investors, date in Sept. TBD) and our official Prize Ceremony.(physical in front of our VIP Jury, date in Nov. TBD)
  • TOP10 will get a chance to have a free Mentoring with our partners and powered by Boston Consulting Group, that will shortly follow the Ceremony once our 4 Gold Award winners have been chosen by the Jury.
  • TOP10 will represent the EUSP Manifesto in Brussels, in order to raise up the voice of green innovation to the European Union. The manifesto will help define key priorities and propose solutions the EU could foster, in order to enable a faster and efficient greening of transport in the aftermath of COVID-19 crisis. This will be presented in the European Commission and in the European Parliament highest decision makers. (date in Sept. TBD)
  • TOP10 will be contacted in relation with our Day After Programme for dedicated pitch sessions in front of EU investors: the European Investment Bank (EIB), EIT Urban Mobility programme, EIT InnoEnergy and the European Super Angels Club (ESAC) will soon determine the startups which they are interested in.

“Urban mobility will drastically change post-pandemic. We deeply believe the 10 startups selected this year show potential to reinvent mobility habits and encourage sustainable options. We will make our best to make it happen!“, concludes Joël Hazan, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group.


Press contact:
Grégory Merly, Managing Director / +336 58 88 80 95

Press Page | The European Startup Prize for Mobility 2020

Shaping the future of Mobility in Europe and beyond!

We’re a leading public-private initiative co-founded by the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee Chairwoman, Karima Delli, Boston Consulting Group and Via ID.

Karima Delli | The Prize Founder

The EUSP is the biggest EU acceleration programme that supports startups developing sustainable mobility innovations, with the aim of giving them the resources necessary to scale up in Europe.

  • The European Startup Prize for Mobility is completely free to enter!
  • Throughout the selection process from February to May 2020, entries will be judged on rigorous criteria such as innovation, market traction, ecological and social impact.
  • The competition is open to all European Startups and beyond : eligible countries list in the Prize Rules.

2020 Edition

  • 550 startups
  • 52 Evaluators
  • 50 finalists
  • 44 countries
  • 10 winners

Our Ambassadors

What the first edition prize winners say about the EUSP:

2020 Timeline

20 February 2020 – 30 April 2020
Submissions open for startups to apply

TOP 50
June 2020
50 startups selected

TOP 10

July 2020
10 winners announced

(Prize ceremony rescheduled due to the current events, date and place to be confirmed)




Media partner

Let’s help startups invent the mobility of tomorrow

If the part of our life spent in transport is too often incurred, it is because it is punctuated by traffic jams, pollution and even road accidents. Whose fault is that? To a mobility built for decades without involving the main stakeholders: us, the citizens.

In the 21st century, we have the choice: no longer wasting time in transport is a possibility! The recipe is simple: it is up to us, citizens and entrepreneurs, to invent our own mobility throughout Europe. Car-sharing and carpooling are already changing mobility, but this is just the beginning.

The issues at stake are enormous, the challenge all the more exciting: giving priority to everyday transport; reducing fractures between suburbs, rural areas and city centers; eradicating air pollution; preserving every life on our roads; giving everyone access to transport at competitive rates; moving goods quickly to every corners of the continent.

Startup creators are already working on it! In this changing world, they have realized that the present is when future is being invented. Here and now. Our duty, political and economic decision-makers alike, is therefore to support them and give them all the space they need to bring their projects to life

Without technological innovation, how can we hope to make our mobility sustainable and efficient? How can we overcome the symbolic boundaries between what we called our “means of transport”, in order to merge them within the same mobility path, on foot, by train, by bike or by car? Now that the present sounds the death knell of conventional engine, how can we finally ensure the emergence of clean and intelligent vehicles?

Let’s not hesitate any longer: let’s adopt a pan-European approach, open and inclusive, so that public institutions, established economic players and start-ups can collaborate in a connected world at the service of the mobility of Europeans.

This booming sector is an opportunity for the whole Europe. We already have all the ingredients to build the future champions of sustainable mobility: innovative talents and ideas, successful universities and incubators, committed businesses and citizens, extraordinary infrastructure.

Let us not be afraid to support the initiatives that are already forging the everyday life of millions of citizens. All European Startup Prize For Mobility partners are dedicated to helping European startups bring their dreams to life. With one goal in mind: that their dreams benefit the 500 million Europeans. Let’s make intelligence a collective adventure, starting December 7th, 2017!