The stories behind Europe’s most successful clean mobility startups

Episode 4 : Thomas 🇫🇷

Meet Thomas, co-Founder of RAILwAI. Too young to retire and go fishing but also too tired of his Parisian senior executive position – he decided to take the entrepreneurial path. He co-founded a promising startup which is collecting, crunching, and analysing big data from trains, making rail not only highly sustainable but also much more efficient than it is today. How is it working for him? Listen to find out!

Thomas Muffat-Jeandet
co-founder at RAILwAI

A podcast by EUSP

The European Startup Prize for Mobility is proud to present its podcast series, featuring the stories behind the women and men who won Europe’s largest acceleration programme for clean mobility startups. ‘What were they thinking’, moderated by our Managing Director, Dan Sobovitz in a one-on-one conversation with the founders and CEOs about the journeys that have transformed their professional and personal lives and that are about to transform European mobility as we know it.

What were they thinking? How did it feel to go the lonely road of an entrepreneur? Did people follow them easily or did they think they were crazy? Was it fun all along or mostly frustrating? Deep down, did they really believe they would make it this far?

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