Let’s help startups invent the mobility of tomorrow

If the part of our life spent in transport is too often incurred, it is because it is punctuated by traffic jams, pollution and even road accidents. Whose fault is that? To a mobility built for decades without involving the main stakeholders: us, the citizens.

In the 21st century, we have the choice: no longer wasting time in transport is a possibility! The recipe is simple: it is up to us, citizens and entrepreneurs, to invent our own mobility throughout Europe. Car-sharing and carpooling are already changing mobility, but this is just the beginning.

The issues at stake are enormous, the challenge all the more exciting: giving priority to everyday transport; reducing fractures between suburbs, rural areas and city centers; eradicating air pollution; preserving every life on our roads; giving everyone access to transport at competitive rates; moving goods quickly to every corners of the continent.

Startup creators are already working on it! In this changing world, they have realized that the present is when future is being invented. Here and now. Our duty, political and economic decision-makers alike, is therefore to support them and give them all the space they need to bring their projects to life

Without technological innovation, how can we hope to make our mobility sustainable and efficient? How can we overcome the symbolic boundaries between what we called our “means of transport”, in order to merge them within the same mobility path, on foot, by train, by bike or by car? Now that the present sounds the death knell of conventional engine, how can we finally ensure the emergence of clean and intelligent vehicles?

Let’s not hesitate any longer: let’s adopt a pan-European approach, open and inclusive, so that public institutions, established economic players and start-ups can collaborate in a connected world at the service of the mobility of Europeans.

This booming sector is an opportunity for the whole Europe. We already have all the ingredients to build the future champions of sustainable mobility: innovative talents and ideas, successful universities and incubators, committed businesses and citizens, extraordinary infrastructure.

Let us not be afraid to support the initiatives that are already forging the everyday life of millions of citizens. All European Startup Prize For Mobility partners are dedicated to helping European startups bring their dreams to life. With one goal in mind: that their dreams benefit the 500 million Europeans. Let’s make intelligence a collective adventure, starting December 7th, 2017!