Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the European Startup Prize?

The European Startup Prize for mobility (EUSP) is a Prize that reveals every year Europe’s best sustainable mobility startups.

To its 10 finalists and 10 Special Prizes, it provides an investment and acceleration programme in order to scale up in Europe.

The EUSP -under the patronage of the European Parliament and in collaboration with the European Commission, European Investment Bank, and other major EU institutions- is building a unique EU innovation ecosystem to help sustainable mobility startups to grow faster, to scale up to another European country, in order to benefit the EU citizens, its tech ecosystem and the planet.

What is the purpose of the edition 2021-2022?

This year still bears some uncertainty about the Covid-19 socio-economic consequences and our ability to travel and meet each other.

In that regard, priority will be given to:

1/ channel EU funds and European investors to the startups via partnerships with multiple EU-funds (European Investment Bank, EIT InnoEnergy, EU Battery Alliance, etc.) and European investors (Demo day)

2/ trigger industry partnership and trade opportunities via special connections, mentoring and demo days with our European partners

Every event is planned to be hybrid, granting the option of physically attending and meeting our ecosystem. We hope for the Award Ceremony 2022 to be a physical event if Covid rules allow it.

What are the selection criteria for this competition?

All mobility solutions based in the European Union and its neighboring countries, which are part of the Horizon Europe cooperation programme for innovation, can apply between the 1 October and the 1 December 2021.

There are 9 key selection criteria for the EU Startup Prize: #1 Innovation #2 Market #3 Execution #4 Team #5 Climate #6 Environmental impact #7 Accessibility and social inclusion #8 Territorial inclusion #9 European scalability.

How does the application work?

All the candidates apply on a platform designed by Agorize. If there is any technical issue they have the opportunity to directly contact the organisation team of the European Startup Prize via its website or the Agorize platform.

The startup application can stay “in progress” status as long as the application survey is not finished. As soon as the survey is finished, the evaluation process starts.

Who is eligible?

Each startup goes through a first eligibility test that checks if the startup covers the right subject (innovative and sustainable mobility) and is based and/or operates in a European country (Europe at large, see home page’s eligibility map)

The selection committee has a comprehensive approach of startups and is open to consider every stage of development (from pre-seed to series C) and will offer tailored-made opportunities via its acceleration programme.

How does the selection works?


During the selection process, applicants will be asked to tick one or several of the categories below (one main and a few secondaries), depending on where they fit the best:

  1. Accessibility and inclusive mobility
  2. Electro-mobility
  3. Logistic and freight
  4. Smart City
  5. Urban experience and services
  6. Scales-ups
  7. Blue mobility
  8. Future Skies
  9. Rail mobility
  10. Space tech

Those categories will help the Jury to match the right experts with the startups to be evaluated.


The selection process is organized in three levels of selection:

  1. on-line (in order to determine a top 50)
  2. visio (in order to determine the top 10)
  3. ceremony (awarding the top 10 and 10 Special Prizes)


50 independent experts, covering every sector of smart and sustainable mobility, recruited by EUSP and its co-founders will review all applications.

All members of the evaluation team are subject to the full confidentiality of all information communicated during the EU Prize selection process.If any member has a direct or indirect link with an applicant, that could potentially influence the scoring process, he/she will not be invited to evaluate this particular startup. This rule applies for individual investors, corporate investors, board members, family, advisor, customer or supplier relationship, inter alia.

What is the deadline for submitting applications?

30 November 2021

What other key dates should I keep in mind?

  • 30 September 2021: application opened
  • 30 November 2021: applications closed
  • 9 December 2021: innovation map to be released
  • February 2022: announcement of the top 50
  • March 2022: announcement of the top 10
  • 28 March 2022: Award Ceremony

How many startups will be rewarded?

20 startups = a Top 10 and 10 Special Prizes

– the top 10 Europe’s best ranked startups will be designated as “Top 10”;

– 10 other startups will be given a “Special Prize” and being selected by partner’s organisations in charge of their special category.

What is the Prize?

All 20 startups will be awarded on the day of the Award Ceremony:

– Top 10 will benefit from the EUSP acceleration programme;

– 10 Special Prizes will mostly benefit from the funding and trade opportunities of the partner’s organisation in charge of their category.