Focus on 30 new applicant startups of mobility

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European Startup Prize rewards the most promising and inspiring startups of mobility in Europe. A few days ago, we introduced the first 25 entrants startups. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce 30 new applicant startups !

European Startup Prize co-founded by the European Parliament in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group and Via ID, a mobility startup accelerator in Europe, who manage the selection process and jury duties.

The top 10 selected startups will get unprecedented visibility through an all-expenses paid tour of five European tech capitals to meet potential customers, investors, business accelerators and local partners in 2018.

In addition to this tour, 4 finalists will be selected by the jury to each receive 4 months of dedicated business and legal coaching offered by The Boston Consulting Group and other legal and corporate partners to help these startups expand their operations in other European countries!


AutoKAB / Safe Autonomy-as-a-Service for Public Transport Vehicles / France

Capte / Leveraging vehicle’s connectivity / Netherlands / The one stop shop for renting connected vehicles anywhere, anytime / France

CDSI / Drone / France

Chargery / Mobile charging stations for electric vehicles in urban areas / Germany

Citodi / Real time optimization for transportation companies / France

Citynomadi / Location in City, Environment, Building, Gaming (wellbeing and education) / Finland

Data Tegy / Data Science meets Strategy / France

Donkey Republik / Smart and scalable city bike-sharing, bike-rental service / Denmark

Easy Rain / A safety system albe to prevent and counteract hydroplaning in vehicles / Italy

Eliport / Autonomous ground-based delivery robots / Spain

Energy Elephant / Smartly connecting electric vehicles to renewable energy generation / Ireland

eVo-pods / eVo is a new shared transportation system for smart cities / France

Fair Trade Cab / The World’s First Fair Ride on the Blockchain / France

Greenrail / Greenrail the innovative and sustainable railway sleeper / Italy

Grizz / Helping visually impaired by guiding them with the sense of touch  / France

HelloJet | JetRelation / Making BizAv accessable for charter by superseeding the expensive broker / Germany

Huvr Trek / Connecting the world with love for people without road, rails nor runways / Spain

Jamnet / It is a digital platform of TIR-sharing for helping transportation logistic / Italy

Knot city / Kick scooter automated rental / France

LMX Bikes / Setting to shape the future of 2 wheeled sport-utility transportation / France

MobyPlanner / Plan and optimize the movements of field staff in a few click / Italy

Moonstart / Conception of innovative systems for micro-mobility / France

Moprim / Fueling smart mobility / Finland

Nextérité / Everyday Solutions with Semantic and Machine Learning technologies / France

Open Transport / The Mobility as a Service API / Netherlands

Otonohm / Design, manufacture and distribute multi-purpose batteries for mobility / France

Sihuhu / Timetable chat bot of the trains / Hungary

TwinswHeel / Developing droids for last mile delivery / France

Vivanoda / Compares and combine air, rail, bus, ferries, ridesharing / France

WayzUp /  Carpooling offer for all transport pass holders / France