Focus on the 148 last eligible startups for EUSP for mobility

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European Startup Prize rewards the most promising and inspiring startups of mobility in Europe. A few days ago, we introduced 77 new entrant startups. On January 8th, the call for applications was closed. Almost 500 startups have applied for the Prize. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce the last 148 eligibles startups for EUSP for mobility!

European Startup Prize co-founded by the European Parliament in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group and Via ID, a mobility startup accelerator in Europe, who manage the selection process and jury duties.

The top 10 selected startups will get unprecedented visibility through an all-expenses paid tour of five European tech capitals to meet potential customers, investors, business accelerators and local partners in 2018.

In addition to this tour, 4 finalists will be selected by the jury to each receive 4 months of dedicated business and legal coaching offered by The Boston Consulting Group and other legal and corporate partners to help these startups expand their operations in other European countries!

Together, we’re building a more sustainable future for Europe. 

On February 22nd we will discover the winners who have been selected by a jury of very high quality.

AddSeat / A mobility product designed for a mobile, unrestricted life / Sweden
Airweb Pass / Providing a full digital ticketing technology for public transport / France
All Electric Parking / Service and technology provider for real estate market / Finland
APP.eBike / The 1st e-bike sharing that makes mobility easier for travellers / France
AUTODRIVE SOLUTIONS / Disruptive positioning systems for vehicular guidance / Spain
Autosafe / Safe for vehicle & driver data to improve the car sustainability / France
AVILOO / A diagnostic system for electric vehicle batteries / Austria / 100% solar boat quality and comfort in business and in eco zones / Portugal
BaseTracK / Autonomous vehicle platform. No sensors/cameras/AI. Blizzard/highway tested / Cyprus
BEE AND CO / Engineering company dedicated on innovative waste to energy  process / France
BikeSquare / Promoting e-bike tourism and transforms e-bikes in smartbikes / Italy
Black Box for Road Vehicles / The only way yo Know the truth every road accident / Portugal

Blue Valet / Valet-parking solution in airports and train stations / France
Boarding Ring / Making motion sickness belong to the past ! / France
BOHR.TECHNOLOGY / An AI & Quantum Computing powered Traffic Simulation Framework. / Poland
Bouncepoint / DDOS prevention company / Finland
bound4blue / Let’s make it happen sailing towards the future / Spain
Breeze Technologies / Data-driven decision making for better air quality / Germany
Cargonomia / Supporting community bicycle mobility solutions in the urban environment / Hungary
CarVroom / A convenient, simple and free community loan platform and the b / Luxembourg
Chargemap / Helping electric car drivers to charge everywhere. / France
Chronotruck / A digital road freight broker / France
Citeazy En / An aggregator of collaborative and connected mobility services / France
Citygoo / First collaborative platform de instant urban carpooling / France
Clem’ Shared Mobility / An innovative French company specialized in “shared eco-mobility”. / France
Clevericiti Systems / Powerful sensor technology for on-street parking detection and management / Germany
Cocolis / Peer-to-peer delivery network / France
ComparaBUS. / Compare bus / train / carpooling / flight tickets in Europe / France
Convoilib / Providing a car pick-up and delivery service for car maintenance / France
Copartage / The startup which created the app CotaxiGO / France
Coreorient / / Sustainable and community integrated sharing economy services / Finland
Courseur / A collaborative delivery service between customers / France

Crossyn Automotive / Smarter mobility, with the driver in control / Netherlands
Cryo_Pur / Equipment provider for the production of liquefied biomethane (Bio-LNG) / France

Demeclic / Participative moving / France
Doctibike / Focused on the ebike battery value chain control / France
dox / Stealth mode / Lebanon
DriveQuant / Services for connected drivers and vehicles / France
E-Wheel / The application prepared for an obstacle-free world .. / Iran
E.WALK / The future of urban transport: fast, sustainable and compact / Switzerland
EBIKELABS Company / Providing the first real electronic brain to your e-bike / France
ecov / Carpooling stations and lines for peri-urban and rural areas / France
eiver / The Driving Assistance App that reward motorists / France
Ellis-Car / A.I-based Road Safety Behavioral solutions to prevent Crashes & Pollution / France
ENSO Tyres / Making clean, range-extending tyres for electric vehicles / United Kingdom
Enway / Working on autonomous municipal services / Germany
Eximap / Intelligent solution for Car as a Service (CaaS) implementations in cloud / Finland
Faciligo / Inventing the travelpooling to connect people to move cheap and easy / France
Felyx / Offering shared electric scooters as a new urban mobility concept. / Netherlands
Fleet Peer-to-Peer / A peer-to-peer car-sharing platform for people and businesses / Ireland
Fleetmarket / Online plattform for sustainable mobility products and services / Germany
ForestCar / p2p airport car sharing for low impact travelers / United Kingdom
Frisbee / Making your trip a unique experience by connecting fellow travelers! / France
Fritrak / Building the biggest startup for transport and delivery / Italy / The mobile App for EcoDriving / Portugal
Future Proof Shipping / Delivering infrastructure independent hydrogen tech- for ship-propulsion / Netherlands
Geckomatics / Lean Mobile Mapping / Belgium

Geo4Cast / Mobility services based on a real time geolocation data platform / France
GetMyCar / Peer2Peer Platform that allows individuals to share their cars / Italy
GLOB Driving experience enhancer / Bringing GPS one step forward / France
Gophr / Automates and optimises the management of same-day deliveries / United Kingdom
Gopili / The Intercity Mobility Metasearch Engine / France
GoWith / Socially Connected Mobility / Israel
Greengame / Making sustainable living the norm / United Kingdom

Groupito / Platform to find a carrier for transporting groups of 5 people or more / France
Hawa Dawa / Enabling Clean Mobility Solutions. / Germany
HawKar / An electric car for the disabled / Tunisia
Hey Way / Start up which created an innovative lift system / Austria
home2work / Divide by 9 the GHG footprint of home2work commute via 9passengr ride-share / Luxembourg
HotelFriend / hotels & services, travel deals / Germany
hubtobee / Behave like a bee hive / France
Hubup / Reinvent Public Transport / France
Humanising Autonomy / Natural interactions between autonomous systems and people / United Kingdom
Hyper Poland / Hyper Poland is one of top startups working on the Hyperloop technology / Poland
Ian Motion / Electrical new life for your old vehicle ! / France
INSTANT SYSTEM / Multimodal transportation platform for travelers / France
Jamnet – / It is a digital platform of TIR-sharing for helping transportation logistic / Italy
jetlite® / Comfort to lighten jetlag / Germany
Konecti / A Decentralized Mobility Organization centered on economical empowerment an / Spain
La folle allure® / Electric moped with neo-vintage look / France
LGM S.A. / Controller technology, increasing generator power output above nominal / Poland
Lowbus / Marketplace to reduce the empty legs in the bus industry. / Spain / Shipping marketplace where shippers meet carriers with extra space / Italy

Maestra Mobility / A new kind of electric scooter, with three wheels and turnable to trolley / France
Maison Ginger / Reinventing soft mobility solutions and think them like fashion accessories / France
Mask Generation / Designing and selling Masks filtering air pollution in comfort and style. / France
MatchRiderGO / Route based carpooling for high traffic daily commutes / Germany
Mesopo / Mobility analytics for cities powered by artificial intelligence / Denmark
Méthajoule / Development and construction of anaerobic digestion sites: energy, biofuels / France

MiMoto Smart Mobility / First Made In ITALY electric scooter sharing for a B2C&B2B model/ Italy
Mobeelity / First inter modal mobility platform learning from your daily habits. / France / To be a tool to support mobility, tourism and sustainable development / Italy
MobilityLabel / The Employee Commute Optimizers / Netherlands
Moovin / MaaS startup that integrates existing public and private transport in 1 App / Spain
MotionTag / Developing a platform for seamless pay-as-you-go traveling. / Germany
My Smart Remote / Award winning innovative system to prevent modern car stealing techniques. / United Kingdom
NanoTech Analsysis / An innovative start‐up based in Turin / Italy
Navigato / Robust SaaS platform, mobile apps and #Tangle IoT devices for EV segment / Bulgaria
NetOP IoT Network Operator / Healthy transportation of cold chain process / Netherlands
NRGkick / Charging electric vehicles on standard CEE and Schuko sockets / Austria
NÜWIEL / Making clean and smart mobility solutions for last mile delivery / Germany
ONE PLAN (ex: ITS EUROPE 2020) / An integrated intermodal door-to-door approach to transport / Poland
OpenMotors / The 1st ready-to-use Self Driving EV, modular, open & white-label. / United States
OpenMove / An ecosystem of software solutions to enable MaaS / Italy
Opportumeety / Conectamos a las personas en sus viajes y creamos oportunidades invaluables / Spain

OuiHop’ / Urban and real-time carpool app / France
Parkizi / An application allowing its users to quickly find a parking spot / France
Parquery / Providing real-time data to mobility operators via image analysis / Switzerland
PimPamPost / Small parcels international delivery based on sharing economy / Spain

PinBike / Your bicycle becomes smart and rewards you for what you use it! / Italy
Pink Mobility – Electric Move / Electric scooter for utility and private users / France
POMP / Fuel delivery on demand / France
PowerTower / Effective driving, parking and charging all-in-one mobility solution / Slovakia
Projet-Benur / The benur project develops a bike for people with reduced mobility regardle / France

Quisque / Physical-digital platform to turn urban mobility into a smart and connect / Italy
Rekola / Stationless bikesharing system for medium and large-sized city / Czech Republic
Reparizy / Marketplace, which links independent professional mechanics with car owners / France
Rikxa / Airport- city shuttle convenient  than taxi a Queue cheaper than Uber / Portugal
RossiniEnergy / Innovative energy storage systems using electric vehicles during parking / France
RYDIES / We digitalize & connect short-distance mobility operators, providers, users / Germany
SIGRA Technologies / AI based autonomous driving solutions / Germany
SocialRooms / Plataforma que conecta usuarios que viajan solos para compartir alojamiento / Spain
SOPHIE TROT / Sharing renting service for electric kickscooter / France
Spark Horizon / First free & universal charging network for electric vehicles across Europe / France
SSTRATEGY / Rocket the business  by getting into Subscription Economy / Spain
Steerty USA / B2P platform for automotive (former/internal name Superauto) / Czech Republic
Strataggem / Crowd-sourced agile radio solutions for communication and tracking. / France
Stroma Vision / Vision sensors which track driver behaviour to decrease accidents. / Turkey
Supraways / Solar Urban Personal Rapid Automated Transportation Systems / France

Swiss Custom Watches / Vitruvian Shield – Human & vehicle biometric interface / Switzerland / Dynamic Passenger Information System that supports multimodal transport / Poland
TAKENB / Takenb is an application and an plateform / France
TankYou / Delivering the only thing Amazon is not delivering: fuel / France
taptoroad / Online bike sharing platform for tourism densed areas in Turkey. / Turkey
TeleRetail / Urban Logistics Automation with delivery robots / Germany
The Precious / Grow Food+Medicine from Waste thru integrated Urban Indoor Plant Factories / Germany
The Urban Future / Delivering VR design experience solutions for Urban Planning and Traffic / Netherlands
TICKETEX / The first app that allows you to change a ticket date/time by exchanging it / Italy
To-U / EV charging platform connecting environmentally responsible businesses / Poland
Tomorrow / Quantifying the climate change impact of the daily choices we make / Denmark
TRYON branch / Turn wastes into bio-NGV, feed and supervise vehicules fleets. / France
Tunnll / Smart mass transport for any small town, a personal bus for every citizen. / Spain
Uniwheel Personal Mobility / A personal electric mobility company based in London, UK / United Kingdom
UrbanCyclers / Smart Digital Platform for Boosting Cycling / Czech Republic
Vip2Zip / The sharing ecology app / Italy

Virtuo / Seamless car rental company / France
Voltia e-mobility / Switch your commercial vehicle fleet to electric NOW / Slovakia
WayCare / AI-driven mobility solutions for smart cities / Israel
Wegoto / Move freely, anywhere / France
WELLO – VELOCE SAS / A solar powered multi-purpose vehicle safe and connected for all / Reunion
Wheelskeep / Valet parking and services for bicycles. / France
XeeTeam / An open api based platform for connected cars / France
YayFon OÜ / Cloud-based communication platform / Estonia
yourDesk / A website enabling people to lease or rent short-term workspace / Italy

You2you / Connecting shops to individuals to facilitate last-mile deliveries / France
Zephyr & Borée / Sail shipping company / France
ZEPLUG / EV charging operator at home & workplace / France
Zero Emission / For zero-emission vehicles that can charge in 5 mn and have a good autonomy / France
Zify / An Instant & dynamic carpooling app for short & medium distance commute / France
Zoi / Smart bikes & accessories / Hungary
Zoov / Sustainable e-bike sharing / France