Prize winners make a stop in Berlin !

Between Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 September, the 10 European Startups Prize for Mobility (EUSP) champions will travel to Berlin for the second stop of their European tour. This event follows the ceremony that awarded the 10 most promising European mobility startups on 22 February 2018 in Brussels.

During their stay, our 10 winners – including the German startup Cargonexx – will be hosted at IFA Next, which is one of the major European digital events. They will have the opportunity to pitch their projects and become familiar with the German ecosystem, including local decision-makers and investors, through roundtables or pitches.

Created at the initiative of Karima Delli, Member of the European Parliament, Ecologist and Chairwoman of Committee on Transport and Tourism at the European Parliament, the EUSP is dedicated to European startups whose activity is focused on sustainable, clean and connected mobility. It aims to help those startups to scale up to another level and become European leaders for tomorrow’s mobility. The prize was launched in December 2017 under the high patronage of the European Commission, the European Parliament and several economic stakeholders such as BCG, Via ID, Blablacar, SNCF, Europcar,… It received more than 500 applications for its first edition.

The 2019 edition is in the pipeline…

Karima Delli, will be present at IFA next Monday and Tuesday. She will also speak at the inaugural Shift AUTOMOTIVE convention to address the regulatory challenges of autonomous driving and the future of mobility in Europe.

The goal is simple: to create the European silicon valley for mobility.  #EuropeIsYourPlayground

You will find attached the complete program of the European Startups Prize’s activities in Berlin. You can meet EUSP’s team at IFA Next here.

On February 22, a jury of experts announced the four winners of the prize. The winners of this first edition, Cargonexx, Cocolis, Klaxit and MaaS Global will benefit from tailor-made support designed by The Boston Consulting Group, Via ID, Parallel Lawyers and Grimaldi Studio, to accelerate their development. For the finalists, the adventure continues with the European tour UESP which will take them to several major European capitals and give them high visibility at major Tech events in Europe (Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen & Tallin). The jury also rewarded three very promising mobility start up, Drivy, Stuart and Txfy, with a special mention from the jury, as well as Switzerland’s BestMile. 

Focus on Cargonexx, Cocolis, Klaxit, and MaaS Global which stood out and won the first edition of the European Startup Prize for mobility.

Cargonexx – Germany
Cargonexx reduces empty runs in truck transport through artificial intelligence. Since its start last year, the German startup is building Europe’s largest network of truck capacities with already more than 60.000 trucks. Shippers can order truck loads with just a mouse click. The orders are forwarded automatically to the truck that best suits the tour. Self-learning neural networks predict peak loads and send the trucks to where they are needed in advance. A win-win-win-win situation: the shippers save money, the transporters earn more and we all have less trucks on the roads.

Cocolis – France
Cocolis is a platform that connects people who need to send something with drivers who travel with an empty trunk. Shipping costs can be very expensive, especially for heavy or bulky items. With Cocolis everyone wins: senders pay up to 80% cheaper and bringers save money on the road while helping. A deal with MAIF allows us to insure all items on the road up to 2000€. Cocolis operates in France and in the nearby countries of Europe.

Klaxit – France
Klaxit is a carpooling specialist, focused on commuting. It is the French leader, thanks to its 100,000 daily trip o ers and its 700 client sites. Klaxit has developed a unique methodology to help companies develop dense carpooling networks, increasing the accessibility of their site, the purchasing power and the well-being of their employees. Klaxit counts several mobility specialists as stakeholders, whether as investors, business partners or clients, proving their trust in its solutions.

MaaS Global – Finland
Imagine if all your daily travel needs would be covered with one simple app and payment – directly from your mobile. Travel as much as you like with a flat fee, or pay-as-you-go, with public transport, taxis, cars, bikes and more. MaaS Global Ltd is bringing into reality the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), by building the world’s first mobility ecosystem. Our revolutionary mobile app, Whim, brings all means of travel together and liberates people from the high costs of owning a car.