A network of Open Source Pioneers for changing mobility across Europe

Processes of innovations are changing, fast. And we need to change to way people are moving, fast.

Today innovations that change mobility are not in contact with a public structure neither national nor at European level. Innovation processes are changing. Innovation support schemes need to change too. Innovation can be defined as an invention that meets a market and changes how people are moving. In order to have an impact, innovations need to be massive and largely used, to solve main problems (congestion, energy, pollution, equity). Financial incentive provided by public structure can be counterproductive for innovation as we cannot support unknown entrepreneur and risky projects without business model.

The most recent innovations that meet their market are coming from unknown entrepreneurs without business model. And these innovations change the way people are moving at large scale like Uber, Flixbus or Blablacar. Each stakeholder (startup, industry, lab, school, city) need contextualized help to align dynamics and help entrepreneurs. Open resources facilitate the action of intrapreneurs and the entry of small actors who use them to prototype and test their ideas, they also reduce the burden for an actor to maintain a resource1.

Four pioneers are investing open source fields to change mobility : Open Source Lab in Germany, Fondazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile in Italy, Travelspirit in UK and FabMob in France, Quebec and Africa.

  1. We aim to create a strong network across Europe and beyond​ to empower all entrepreneurs with open source and we need to involve all positive energies !
  2. You’re a private or public stakeholder (startup, industry, lab, school, city). Y​ou want to join this pioneering network and act in open source to change mobility : Mail
  3. European Commission can play a major role to catalyse this network, t​o leverage open source and better use public budgets by producing strategic open resources useful for european entrepreneurs.