550 startups shaping the future of mobility !

The application process of the European Startup Prize 2020 edition was closed at the end of April 2020. That does not mean we were idle. While our 50 evaluators are working hard to look into all the applications, we were interested in learning more about this year’s demographics; who are the EUSP 2020 startup candidates? Here are some of the interesting facts we learned about them. 

What do you do?

When applying, startups had to flag the main sector they fall under (even if they could be in the overlap between a few). As you can see from the above info-graphics, almost a third belonged to the Mobility platform and Services sectors. Clean energy and E-mobility came second with close to 16%. Micro-mobility, Connected Vehicles and Data, followed with just over 10% of our startups, each.

Where are you from?

This year was the first edition which allowed participation, not only from EU Member States but also from all countries which are part of the EU Horizon2020 R&I Programme.  As in previous years, all EU countries were represented but we were very proud to see that the new eligible countries were well-represented as well, including Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Belarus.

We were delighted to see that Israel, another new eligible country, was so well represented that it make it to our list of top 5 countries, manifesting its very vibrant innovation ecosystem. The UK is unfortunately no longer in the EU, but it also maintained a strong position in the top of our most represented countries.

How mature are you?

The participating startups of this year’s edition constitute diversity in terms of their  funding  stages. As seen below, almost half of the startups who applied, are at their seed funding phase. Significant amounts came even before seed phase (22.3%) or already at Serie A level (23.3%). Finally, those at Series B were the smallest, yet significant group of 7%. 

This gives us an interesting overview of the hundreds of startups who joined our community this year. But of course, that’s just the beginning of our joint journey.

Our evaluators will finish their work soon and we will reveal the top 50 startups in early June. Until then, stay safe, and stay tuned for more news on the future of mobility!