Meet the EUSP2020 top 50 startups!

Following weeks of rigorous scrutiny by our 50 evaluators, we have now shortened the original list (of 550 applicants) to our top 50 performers! This list gives an overview of the future of mobility, bringing together Europe’s best startups; those who hold the promise for new, green, connected, inclusive and sustainable technology. They come from all mobility sectors and are about to revolutionise transport as we know it!
Here they are in alphabetical order:

1AC BiodeWe are developing the world’s first standalone AC (Alternating Current) batteries instead of DC (Direct Current) and special electric circuits for e-mobility and energy storage.
2AddVolt AddVolt developed a Plug-in Electric system that electrifies the refrigeration unit allowing cleaner, quieter and cost-effective deliveries.
3AutofleetThe first Vehicle as a Service platform for fleets, enabling large global fleets to optimize existing operations and dynamically leverage unused vehicles to launch new services.
4BaseTracK“Virtual Rails” infrastructure with all-weather vehicle automation. We provide up to 20% of fuel economy, safe Public Transport, simple and affordable Autonomous Driving in closed areas, and even more.
5BluedotAirbnb of charging stations for electric car users. Bluedot app connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetize them.
6BusUpBusUp allows travellers to book on-demand buses for commuting. Users setup their own routes in the web-platform and app. BusUp solves a need in medium-distance travel in suburban and exurban areas.
7CaaresysCabinCaare® – Vehicle occupancy system. The system detects each seat occupancy state and able to count a number of the passengers in the cabin. CabinCaare provides a cost reduction and efficiency.
8CARGOMETERCargometer is measuring, weighing and barcode scanning the freight directly at the loading gate on the moving forklift. This results in increased profit and stops shipping air.
9ChargeryChargery is a full-service-provider for the future of mobility. With the combination of intelligent software and a broad variety of services we enable highly efficient operations for shared mobility.
10ChargetripChargetrip offers Smart Navigation and Predictive Route Planning specific for Electric Vehicles, as an API based SaaS platform. We eliminate EV adoption barriers for fleets and private drivers. is a high-tech software company specialized in Artificial Intelligence applied to video analysis and image processing to better assist road operators and traffic supervisors.
12Donkey RepublicDonkey Republic offers the best bike and ebike sharing service in the world. Thanks to our focus on affordability and sustainability, and respecting city space, we created the future on 2 wheels.
13DottDott is an European micromobility operator, designed for responsibility and sustainability. Our mission is to open-up cities with clean mobility for everyone. Starting with e-scooters and e-bikes.
14DUCKTDUCKT is world’s first universal & dedicated micromobility infrastructure solution. We dock, lock & charge anything electric, low weight, low current and shared in one stop solution. 
15e-troFit® GmbH With its modular conversion kit e-troFit® is able to electrify almost every type of commercial vehicle. By using existing ressources e-troFit® becomes the most sustainable and economic solution.  
16Ecov2020Tackling the ecological and social challenges of our time, Ecov’s mission is to turn every private car into an innovative and decentralized public transport system.
17Evelity by Okeenea DigitalEVELITY is the first guidance app designed for people with disabilities. It provides a real time turn by turn navigation in complex venues and around. App interfaces and routes are adapted. 
18FAIRTIQThe simplest way to everyday mobility for everyone, everywhere. That’s the idea behind FAIRTIQ, the easiest way to buy a ticket for public transport with the best and fair price every time.
19GreenrailGreenrail is a composed sleeper made with an outer shell obtained from a mixture of elts (End of Life Tires) and recycled plastic and with an inner core in prestressed concrete.
20Humanising AutonomyReal-time vulnerable road user behavior analysis and intent prediction software for accident and near-miss prevention in urban environments. 
21HYGEN SIAHYGEN’s superchargers can fuel Gas Powered Vehicles anywhere in just few minutes. Connected to regular gas grid our systems transform existing grid into a global distributed bio-CNG fueling network.
22IomobIomob is building a plug and play Mobility as a Service marketplace for rail operators and transit authorities in Europe and beyond. Iomob is adding social distancing to our intermodal algorithms.
23IoT.bzhOEMs become mobility providers while cars turn  “PCs on wheels”, so Operating Systems becomes a key mobility stake. We develop a cybersecured OS platform for new connected cars but also boats.
24KardinalKardinal offers a real-time tour optimization solution to assist Logistics players in managing their field operations. The gains are cost optimization, better QoS and reduced CO2 emissions.
25KNOTUniversal docking and charging stations for scooter sharing – with an open API it can be integrated to any existing scooter sharing solution.
26LiveLink MotorLiveLink is a startup that designs and develops IoT solutions for application to road safety and Smart Mobility, focused on develop an eCall device for motorcycles.
27MeepMeep is a mobile app that encourages a modal shift towards more sustainable travel and a behavioral shift towards a multi-modal, improved mobility. 
28MO.Point – Sharing ServicesMO.Point develops mobility solutions for city quarters and real estates and operates electric sharing vehicles such as E-Bikes, E-Cars or E-Cargobikes as one-stop-shop around the corner.
29MOTIONTAGMOTIONTAG makes mobility intelligent by describing and understanding real-world mobility through data-driven services.
30NewsightNewsight develops 3D CMOS sensor chip for high quality, low power vision solution for longer distances at an affordable price point, making it accessible to ADAS applications for automotive mass market.
31NÜWIELNÜWIEL is a Hamburg-based startup that has a mission to change current urban mobility patterns by developed a new-generation e-mobility solution to move heavy goods in urban areas.
32ONO- Better Last mile deliveryONO’s mission is to dramatically improve traffic and air pollution in cities by replacing gas guzzling delivery vans with a more flexible, safer, better designed and more fun transporter.
33MOPRIM – Personal Mobility FootprintsEnabling behavioural change in urban mobility by harvesting sensor signals from smartphones to teach machine learning algorithms for automated Transport Mode Discovery and CO2 footprint evaluation.
34Playcar – PlaymoovePlaymoove is a mobility all-in-one platform. The dream behind the project was to create a tool to cover all the aspects of Smart Mobility, from the management operations to the IoT connections.
35PonyPony is a french micromobility operator providing shared bikes & escooters. Our business model allows anyone to purchase a vehicle and share it with other people. 
36R-PUR R-PUR has developed the most efficient mask in the world, combining 3 technologies: a filtration quality unique in the world, high quality materials and a mobile application.
37SATAVIA SATAVIA is a data analytics and AI company based in Cambridge UK helping the aviation industry to make flying cheaper, smarter and greener. 
38SensefinityCreating the Internet of Cargo where cargo assets autonomously orchestrate to reclaim 1 Trillion USD yearly lost in supply-chains.
39SharingOS-MaaS PlatformSharingOS is a global mobility sharing platform that enables effortless, plug-and-play and sustainable solutions for partners to thrive in mobility sharing markets worldwide.
40SkiprSkipr’s unique integrated solution (a MaaS application, a payment card and a dashboard) provides companies with smart mobility tailored to their needs and policies.
41Sono MotorsA truly affordable solar powered electric car, made for sharing, with a fully carbon emission neutral manufacturing process and a unique business model combining hardware (Sion) and software (goSono).
42Toogethrit is our mission to simplify mobility and empower the new generation of travellers. We create communities through smart technology for ride-sharing and effortless parking. 
43TrafiFounded in 2007, Trafi works shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most complex cities in the world such as Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, and Jakarta to turn sustainable movement into a city-wide habit.
44TRANSITION-ONETransition-One converts thermal cars into modern cars: electric, connected and affordable. The retrofit is one of the answers to decarbonize our mobility in the face of the climate emergency in Europe.
45TruckstersRoad freight transport using artificial intelligence and a driver relay network.
46UbitransportUbitransport offers innovative real-time management and optimization solutions for public transport networks. They are 100% smartphone and cloud-based, powerful and accessible to all territories.
47UFTWe provide software for demand responsive transport to some of Europe’s largest public transport authorities and private fleet operators.
48Unifly NVUnifly’s platform integrates drones into the airspace safely, connecting authorities with drone pilots to approve and manage drone flights. We also made an electronic license plate for drones.
49ZeeloZeelo is a bus-sharing company, providing smart transportation services for commuting, schools and events; bookable via a mobile app. We use data & technology to commute people safely and conveniently.
50ZoovZoov is the first electric bicycle-sharing service in the world that naturally integrates into public areas thanks to its multi-awarded compact and easy to install parking system.

Stay tune to our list of top 10, later this month!