22 June: Virtual meet-up for more European opportunities

The EU Startup Prize for mobility is delighted to host its first meet-up to help startups of its community to scale up and get new European opportunities.

2 sessions of 45 minutes will take place on Monday 22 June 16:00 CET, presented by mobility experts from TomTom and Eurotran consultancy firm. All sessions will be followed with Q&A.

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1. OPPORTUNITY FOR COOPERATION by Using TomTom Maps APIs for mobility applications 

Always wondered how you could power your mobility applications with TomTom Maps APIs? TomTom experts are here to answer all of your questions and will present the following topics:

· Overview of TomTom Maps APIs by Louis Debatte-Monroy, Head of Product Marketing, TomTom Enterprise & Developers 

· How to make the most out of TomTom Maps APIs for mobility applications by Jose Rojas, Developer Advocate, TomTom for Developers  

“Congratulations for those who made it to the Top 50 at the European Startup Prize for Mobility and you’re already entitled to a prize of one million TomTom Maps APIs credits.”, Louis Debatte-Monroy.

 2. OPPORTUNITY FOR EU FUNDINGS by Discovering the EU financing instruments

Needing some financial support from the European Union? To help you go through the Covid-19 socio-economic crisis? To take part in this historical moment of the Green Deal? And be fully involved in the EU innovation ecosystem?

You may also need a map to find your way through these different funding opportunities. Then this must be your lucky day because , we brought you the right experts to guide you and give you a comprehensive overview of the EU funding programmes for green innovation.

· EU funding opportunities: find your way among the different EU financing instruments, by Dan Wolff and Bastien Farges, Partners at Eurotran.

“We assist startups in the identification of European funding opportunities and bid applications. Eurotran is one of the few consultancies that combines the drafting of bid applications with lobbying towards European policy-makers.”, Dan Wolff.