Opening Ceremony

19 April 2023

French Ministry of transport, Paris

Bigger, smarter, cleaner and more powerful. The European Startup Prize for Mobility is back for its 5th (!) edition. With new and returning partners, EU institutions, multinational corporations, and influential non-profit organisations; we are jointly offering startups in clean mobility a one stop shop European booster for their business. Apply once and benefit from all the participating partners!

Our new call for applications is opening 19 April 2023 and will remain open until 20 June. This goes out to all mobility startups in Europe, and in countries which are part of the Horizon programme! So, regardless of which sector of mobility you are in, wherever in Europe you are based (in or outside the EU), or how advanced your startup is – we are waiting for your application.

Learn more about the Prize, its partners, conditions, process, and more at our upcoming Opening Ceremony of the 5th edition, broadcast live from the  French Ministry of Transport in Paris by the Brussels Times. The opening ceremony is also an opportunity to hear from Europe’s  experts and leaders in clean mobility discussing and reflecting on the future of clean mobility in Europe.

Hold on tight. This is going to be one hell of a (clean) ride!