Kiwi and Moroccan startups, apply now!

Please join us in saying Kia ora New Zealand, Marhaba Morocco! We are excited to announce that the European Startup Prize for Mobility is expanding its scope of eligible countries of origins.

As you may know, eligibility in our Prize is for all startups, based in the EU or countries associated with Horizon Europe in the present, past, or future. This means that startups from Tel Aviv, Reykjavik, Oslo or Kyiv are also part of the game.

Switzerland regrettably is no longer part of Horizon Europe but as we tend to get attached easily, we’re not ready to let the Alpine nation go. Swiss startups, whatever language you speak don’t miss your chance, schickt jetzt eure Bewerbungen, envoyez vos candidatures; inviate subito le vostre candidature!

But now there’s more! The UK, Morocco and even New Zealand are all in the process of negotiating their membership in Horizon Europe and already have respective provisional agreements in force. Forget the institutional lingo; what matters is that startups from these countries are now welcome to apply!

So wherever you are in the EU, Europe, Israel, Morocco or down under in New Zealand – if you have a brilliant clean mobility solution, Europe is your playground! We offer you a one-stop-shop to the European market; massive visibility, abundant financing opportunities, access to policy-makers, tailored business consultancy, acceleration programme, and more!

Don’t waste your time, registration for the 5th edition is open until 20 June 2023!

Color legend of the map

If your country is in one of these colors, you are part of the game!
Blue: EU countries
Green : Horizon Europe associated country