Welcome ALD Automotive | Lease Plan, our new European partner

Our list of partners continues to grow with the addition of ALD Automotive | Lease Plan! In addition to becoming a European Partner, ALD Automotive | Lease Plan is also sponsoring this year’s Female Entrepreneur special category award.  

A leading global sustainability mobility player, ALD Automotive | Lease Plan provides full-service leasing, flexible subscription services, fleet management services and multi-mobility solutions to a global client base of large corporates, SMEs, professionals and private individuals. 

All of our partners bring added value to our ecosystem of participating startups, meaning more support and opportunities for those who apply; ALD Automotive | Lease Plan is no exception. The company has 15,700 employees worldwide, direct operations in 44 countries, a total fleet of 3.4 million vehicles and EUR 400 million in digital investment firepower. Add to this a focus on innovation and technology-enabled services and a commitment to achieving net zero emissions, shaping the digital transformation and driving the large-scale adoption of sustainable mobility – and it’s clear that ALD Automotive | Lease Plan makes for a perfect match with our mission.     

“To remain the leading global sustainable mobility player we are today, it is essential that we foster a culture of innovation and stay ahead of the trends impacting our industry,” adds John Saffrett, Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive | Lease Plan . “Working with start-ups is not only inspiring but also a sure-fire way to find innovative new inroads to further improving mobility for our customers and partners.”  

ALD Automotive | Lease Plan, whose majority stakeholder is Societe Generale, is the listed company on Compartment A of Euronext Paris (ISIN: FR001328662 / Ticker: ALD).