EUSP Joins at Lucerne Dialogue

TOP 10
Winning startups of the 5th edition European Startup Prize for Mobility were invited to participate in the Lucerne Dialogue and pitch on stage.
Lucerne Dialogue an annual two-day gathering in the spectacular Swiss scenery that defies conventional conference norms. This event serves as a hub for European decision-makers, facilitating dynamic exchanges across generations, nations, and disciplines to mould a more robust and united continent.
The winning EUSP startups presented each presented their innovation, creativity, and contribution in the clean mobility sector. Ranging from cutting-edge technologies to visionary business models, each of our Top 10 winners contributes a distinct perspective to the ongoing dialogue.
In this unique setting, the intersection of the European Startup Prize for Mobility and the Lucerne Dialogue not only showcases the entrepreneurial vitality within the clean mobility sector but also provides a forum for in-depth discussions on sustainable and innovative solutions driving the future of mobility.